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Rerouting of Route 11-CH, Arica – Tambo Quemado

The international Route 11-CH is a transcontinental corridor in Chile’s Norte Grande, in the Arica y Parinacota Region. Its fully-paved 192.2 km length connects the Pan-American Highway (Route 5) with the city of Arica and the town of Putre.


The road connects the settlements of the altiplano with Bolivia via the Chungará-Tambo Quemado pass, one of the most important border crossings in northern Chile. The primary role of the road is to connect the port cities of northern Chile with neighboring countries such as Bolivia and Brazil, and to boost activity in the port of Arica. The primary focus of the project is the demolition of the existing gravel road between kilometers 18 (Estación Rosario) and 36 (Guanta), and its replacement with asphalt pavement. Another important planned improvement is the widening of the carriageway to create a 7.0 m wide roadway flanked by 2.0 m paved shoulders. The carriageway currently has shoulders only in certain sectors, and between 1.0 and 1.5 m in width.

Improvements to the geometric design of the road were also planned in order to increase speed limits to between 70 and 80 km/h, as well as improvements to junctions and the creation of an urban zone at Poconchile.

Owing to the geometric characteristics of the last 8 km stretch, where the road is set into the mountainside between the Lluta Valley and the surrounding hills, the tall cuts required as part of the improvements – passing through both soil and rock – will require complementary works to ensure slope stability. These include concrete retaining walls, gabion walls, and nets secured with anchor bolts. Other planned complementary works are those standard to all engineering studies for the Roads Department: road safety, drainage, illumination, environmental and territorial mitigation measures, a land acquisition project, and change of services.

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