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Consultancy during Construction of Antofagasta Regional Hospital

The new Antofagasta Hospital is the largest medical facility between Santiago and Lima. It incorporates a seismic isolation system which would allow the building to withstand earthquakes measuring 9 and above on the Richter scale without interruption to service.

Located in the Antofagasta Region, the project involved construction of a hospital covering a built area of 114,000 m2, and containing 45 consultation rooms, 24 emergency rooms, 16 dental consultation rooms, 18 operating rooms and 671 multi-purpose hospital beds. This public project was state-financed through subsidies for construction, operation of the facility, and medical equipment amounting to a total investment of UF 5,345,000. The Antofagasta Hospital concession agreement covered the construction of a highly complex facility incorporating hospital infrastructure and high-tech medical equipment.

Zañartu Ingenieros Consultores SpA and its team of highly trained, multidisciplinary professionals has been engaged in public works inspection, reviewing and providing consultation throughout the various phases of construction in specialisms such as civil engineering, mechanics, sanitation, electrics, architecture, medical gases, medical equipment, and Hospital Services Integration Systems.

Consultation was provided with the help of building information modelling (BIM) in order to guarantee efficiency of processes and of the final project itself. The facility is now in operation, with approval for limited-capacity trial opening being granted in October 2017.

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