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Concepción-Cabrero Highway

This is a concession project for the Concepción-Cabrero highway and its extension as far as Cholguán. The road is known as the “Autopista Concepción Cabrero”. The project was commissioned to improve east-west connectivity within the Biobío Region, creating a link to Route 5 and improving road access to the rest of the country in order to boost agricultural and forestry activities in the region.

The route passes through the districts of Concepción and Florida in the province of Concepción, the districts of Yumbel and Cabrero in the province of Bío Bío, and the district of Yungay in the province of Ñuble. The total length of the project is approximately 103 kilometers, and involves improvement, rehabilitation and homogenization work to the profile of Route 148 between the Bonilla roundabout and Agua de la Gloria, of Route O-50 between Agua de la Gloria and Route 5, and of Route O-97-N between Route 5 and Cholguán.

An additional phase comprises addition of a second carriageway on Route O-50 between Route 5 and Agua de la Gloria, along with changes to the main route, such as improvement of existing structures and construction of new ones, new junctions and intersections, clearance work, route adjustments, signage and road safety, toll plazas, service roads, lighting, bus stops, footbridges and cycle lanes.

The value of the concession was UF 8,733,000, and the work was carried out between February 2011 and February 2016.

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