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Project Description:

Regular engineering services provided by approved third parties (selected through a tender process) to El Teniente Division. The ODS work order system is used to conduct surveys, assessments, measurements, reviews and studies across various engineering and related scientific disciplines, in order to ensure compliance with the permanent project portfolio plan.

Description of Service 1: Detailed engineering for implementation of a fire protection system for Conveyor Belt 208 (between the secondary and tertiary crushing plants), involving the design of a detection, alarm and response system for use in the event of a fire.

Description of Service 2: Design engineering of Teniente 6 railroad service wagons, for El Teniente Division. Review of engineering design for units currently operating on the Teniente 8 railroad. Design engineering and creation of reports in accordance with Association of American Railroads (ARR) guidelines for the superstructure and general plans for the following wagon types:

  1. Flatbed wagon, standard and end
  2. Flatbed wagon with hydraulic loader
  3. iii. Loose cargo wagon
  4. Platform wagon
  5. Tank wagon
  6. Ballast wagon
  7. Wagon, standard and end

Preparation of technical specifications for the manufacture of the above wagons, and development of 3D models to provide graphical representations of the main design characteristics of each type.

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