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Engineering study for road improvements in the Michilla – Caleta Buena sector

Project Description:

The Route 1 improvement project took place along a 31.4 km stretch between the Michilla and Caleta Buena localities, in the districts of Mejillones and Tocopilla, Antofagasta and Tocopilla provinces, in the Antofagasta Region.

The objective was to assess possible improvements to the pavement which would permit a new speed limit of 100 km/h along the whole section. The road’s rural profile incorporates a single 7 m wide two-way carriageway with 2 m wide shoulders, and a widened gauge of 0.5 m on curves.

Pavement construction alternatives were assessed for the North of the country. These were asphalt and Double Surface Treatment, offering 10 and 20 years of useful life, respectively.

Drainage infrastructure is specified for occasional flood events, and includes especially large counter pits to capture water from existing alluvial fans, as well as transverse workings in areas with major gullies.

A profile incorporating local one-way roads on either side is being considered along a 500 m section through the Michilla urban zone, as well as road safety measures and pedestrian crossings.

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