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Public Works Inspection, Improvements to San Ignacio – Ñipas Road Section, Coelmu Sector, Biobío Region

The project involved supervision of construction work along the 24.9 km San Ignacio – Ñipas section of Route O-10 near Coelmu in Ñuble Province, Biobío Region, as part of the inspection commissioned by the Ministry of Public Works (MOP).


Planned work comprised laying of asphalt pavement on carriageway and shoulders, specified for a lifetime of 20 years. The pavement along the whole stretch is formed of granular layers of base and sub-base, each of which being 15 cm thick, asphalt 5 cm thick, and an intermediate layer 7 cm thick. The only variation occurs within the San Ignacio sector, where the study required an 8 cm thick intermediate layer. Other work includes drainage, clean-up of the route, and installation of control and safety elements.

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