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Reconstruction of Niágara Bridge and Access Roads, Route S-269, Cautín Province, La Araucanía Region

Supervision of construction works as part of the inspection commissioned by the Ministry of Public Works (MOP).

The works involved reconstruction of infrastructure following the earthquake of February 27, 2010.

The bridge comprises 3 simply supported spans of 34 m each, with a total deck width of 11.88 m accommodating an 8 m carriageway. F-shape barriers 0.365 m in height topped with hand rails on either side of the carriageway delineate the footpaths, each of which has a total free width of 1.5 m.

The spans of the superstructure each consist of 4 metal girders 1.8 m in height, topped with 0.21 m thick cast in-situ concrete and a 0.05 m thick asphalt pavement. The deck is supported by the substructure on neoprene bearing pads located at either end of each girder, and anchored using anchor bolts. The substructure comprises two wall piers with wings parallel to the roadway. The foundations are composed of a precast concrete cap on top of cast in-situ concrete piles measuring 1.5 m in diameter.

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