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A set of projects and improvements to the East-West system, including:

Accesses in the form of two parallel 9 km tunnels, one to provide access for buses carrying workers, and the other for the mineral transport conveyor belt, service road and alternative emergency route. These will run beneath the Coya River to the sector known as Confluencia, near Caletones (1,500 m above sea level). Plans for the 2011-2018 New Mine Level (NNM) project include creation of a total of 98,450 m of horizontal tunnels, and 3,454 m of vertical tunnels, such as ventilation shafts and transit tunnels.


NNM Project Main Objectives: Add 2,500 million tons of reserves with a copper grade of 0.84%, producing – over a period of 62 years beginning in 2017 – more than 20 million tons of fine copper. Significantly reduce workforce exposure to danger by means of semi-automatic operations overseen from control centers located in the valley, more than 50 km from the work site.

Service Description: Integrated service provided to the Project Vice-Presidency (VP) of Codelco Chile, covering the areas of Engineering, Procurement, Mining Development and Construction for the El Teniente Division structural project designated “New Mine Level” (NNM).

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