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Technical Specialty Geotechnics

Geotechnics is a branch of Civil Engineering which, through application of approved methodologies and standards, enables us to identify and interpret the properties and behavior of soils, establishing their potential project suitability and usefulness. The discipline is an integral part of the pre-design, design and construction phases of a project. As a client service, geotechnics supports checks and compliance with technical standards, as well as contributing to the creation of designs that conform to construction standards and best practices. Our expertise in the field has allowed ZAÑARTU to participate in numerous projects, contributing valuable infrastructure to the country.

ZAÑARTU’s experience includes the following projects: geotechnical study of bridges in the provinces of Ñuble and Bío Bío in the Biobío Region between 01.17.2007 and 04.26.2007; geotechnical explorations for Line 6 of the Santiago Metro, Vitacura – Los Cerrillos sector, between 07.01.2010 and 01.07.2011; technical works inspection of drilling and geotechnics at Recursos Norte for the El Teniente Division of Codelco Chile between 11.06.2015 and 05.06.2016; soil mechanics study for Line 6 of the Santiago Metro, alternative route between Franklin and Pedro Aguirre Cerda stations, between 12.06.2011 and 02.20.2012.

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