Zañartu Ingenieros Consultores SpA.




Our integrated management policy is the basic guideline of our work and has three main pillars:

  1. To satisfy the requirements of our clients and interested parties, including the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our services.
  2. Search for high levels of excellence in occupational health and safety for our employees.
  3. Protect the environment, avoiding contamination during the development of our operations, promoting the efficiency of resources and saving energy. To achieve these objectives, we have implemented an Integrated Management System, which systematizes our procedures, aiming to have quality management, with a strong environmental commitment and a commitment to operational safety.

Through the continuous improvement of our processes and training plans that respond to the needs of our customers, Zañartu Ingenieros Consultores SpA, we are in a constant search for excellence in the provision of our services. Specifically, the specific objectives of our Integrated Management System are:

  1. Identify, evaluate and continuously control the risks associated with the work developed by our company.
  2. Identify, evaluate and control the significant environmental aspects and impacts, inherent to our activities and processes, in order to make a rational use of resources and preserve the environment. c. To train, sensitize and foster in our collaborators a preventive culture in matters of safety, occupational health and environmental management, through efficient communication channels and a training plan that supports the development and growth of our employees within the company.


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